A Literal Heartbeat


Dedication to Boho Plum…

Giving new energy to our journey,

Giving meaning to our steps we’ve walked,

Giving grace and gratitude for what is now.

********************************************************************5:2:14 A Literal Heartbeat My responseThis is the post on Facebook that fueled my response below…

a message not posted.5:2:14 A Literal Heartbeat Humans of New York Post

This was the catalyst to Boho Plum, a journey toward release of my desire for freedom from the insane “all retch and no vomit” – Thanks, Alan Watts* – lifestyle where our culture raises our kids to go to work so that they can live to go to work and raise their kids to do the same.

This is an affirmation as to why we started unschooling 15 years ago with the belief that the world is our classroom. That time out of school isn’t called vacation and time learning is called life.

This is the courage to go forward, against traditional beliefs, toward having a small carbon footprint and enjoying a large heart filled life.

This is the journey toward the bohemian gypsy life of wonderment and adventure in a rolling vargo that I call home.